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A Creative Mind For Our Times

Mallorey Bakesalot owner of The Beached Bakehouse

Baking is my obsession, and with over 12 years professional culinary experience, I am chasing my dream of designing and bringing to life beautiful (and delicious) works of art.


Other than being a confectionary artist, I am a proud mom and bonus mom. Focusing on the health of my family as well as yours; I have consciously decided to use only the best ingredients in my recipes in order to achieve the best quality and taste for my customers!


I also specialize in dietary restrictions such as sugar, gluten, dairy, or egg free as well as vegan and keto desserts.

some recent works of art

Contact Me

Located in Mansfield, TX

around the corner from the Walnut Creek Country Club

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice for all custom orders.

Rush orders will be accepted if availability is open; but fees may apply.

All inquiries must be submitted via email.

Contact via text message is reserved for confirmed clients only.

Mallorey's Direct line for pick up scheduling is 817-608-6110

Thanks for your inquiry!

Story of An Artist

Hello! My name is Mallorey - but my friends call me Ms. Bakesalot! 


My love for baking started at a young age with my Great Grandma Hiller. I remember being 5 years old and crowding into her tiny kitchen with all of my cousins to see what amazing, sweet things she had displayed. She always had so many different treats on display that they took up the entire countertop! Being from Germany, our entire family thrived on the sweets that Grandma Hiller made.

Over the years, my family and I have recreated her secret recipes to share with our friends - as well as created new ones - and now I'm bringing them to you!


From 2007 to today, I have worked under many different Chefs that have taught, sculpted, and inspired me to be where I am now.

Master Chef Lisa Amoriello gave me my first real taste of the culinary arts in the classroom at Savvy's Bistro. There, she shared many secrets of the trade as well as her extreme passion for the art of baking. Since then, she has been a real-life hero for me in so many ways and I still look to her as a role model.

Todd Bush, owner of Oliver's Fine Foods in Mansfield, took me under his wing at the young age of 18. Todd saw potential in me as a young chef and decided to take a risk with hiring someone straight out of high school. I may have been young, but I had a passion for the work! I thrived on perfecting the desserts and loved catering events. I owe it to him for my desire to one day own my own dessert shoppe!


After receiving the knowledge and experience needed to create mouthwatering desserts, my passion for baking only grew as the years went by. It became impossible to ignore my calling for designing gorgeous and exquisite desserts any longer. 

Thus, Sweet Things Bakery was created in my home kitchen and thrives today after a rebrand as The Beached Bakehouse.

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